Hamner Springs

This morning I was whale watching in Kaikoura (saw two sperm whales, a billion dusky dolphins and a few albatross) then came here to the hot springs where I have spent all afternoon.  I got out when I started wondering why do people sit in these massive baths with countless strangers where the smell of sulphur is a perfect disguise for somebodys farts.  If you ever come here, the hot springs are lovely – apart from that thought.  I have also toured the wineries around Blenheim, hiked part of the Queen Charlotte Track and taken a trillion photos of seals chilling on the side of the highway (which was right next to the ocean, funnily enough).  Oh, and I’ve been to a few quilt shops, one that was a combined quilt shop, cafe and animal park.  Have limited myself to buying just a couple of pieces of fabric – I do have to bring it back to Australia…

I have thousands of photos to post – but again, time is limited on the internet here.  It’s hard to believe I’ll be home in less than a week.  It feels like I’ve been here forever.  How will I ever get back into the swing of things when I’m home???


5 thoughts on “Hamner Springs

  1. I’m glad you’re having such an amazing time in NZ! You’re visiting all my favourite places – not that I’ve been right down to the south of the South Island, but I really love sunny Nelson and the wineries around there. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. Are you home yet?
    Are you home yet?
    Are you home yet?
    Are you home yet?
    Are you home yet?…..

    …Are you home yet?
    See you next monday night?

  3. You know, not to encourage you, that you can mail things home in a box. My mother does that. It will sit at the post office till she gets home to pick it up. In comparison to “flying” it home and toting it about its fairly inexpensive.

    have fun & stay safe

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