Christmas, continued…

One of the Christmas presents I received from ShellyC last year (yes, last year!) involved half the family making glass tiles at the Canberra Glassworks. It was heaps of fun and I could have done it all day – and would have, except we were only allowed fifteen minutes to design our tile. To my fussy self that is not enough time to make forty designs, decide they are ugly and start again. So this was the design I had when the girl told me, “time’s up. No, it’s REALLY up now. STOP with the tile making, already.” I don’t know what this design is – a few blobs with a fireworks kind of thing in the corner. I left it there and they fired it and posted it to me. It arrived today. Any suggestions on what I should do with it???

In other news, the rain has stopped. I’m a little sad about it – I miss it already. I wasn’t anywhere near the flooding (though I’m sure it was only 5 minutes in any direction, as is usually the case in Townsville). But the rain did lead to some mutant mushrooms forming in my garden. You may not be able to tell in the picture, but they’re almost the size of a dinner plate.


I don’t think I’ll make soup out of them, however. You can also see here that the grass is super long again, which means I’ll have to cut it before I go away. Because the house-hunting has been put off for a few more months after the real estate agent almost begged me to stay on a bit longer. Of course I said yes. Maybe the owners won’t want me out until the end of winter – oh, how wonderful that would be.


6 thoughts on “Christmas, continued…

  1. Tile definitely good enough to eat. Yes, ShellyC, where are ours? You know I’m waiting every day for them ….. actually, I’d forgotten all about them.

  2. It really does look fruity. I love it!! Perhaps you could set it into a pretty little table for a deck or patio, or inside during the winter to brighten up the house.
    If it’s quite small (I can’t tell) maybe you could use it as a trivet under your teapot or something.
    Sounds like a fun time šŸ™‚

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