• My nose tells me that my mouse eradication plan worked. I suspect there is a furry corpse somewhere near the toilet/washing machine.
  • The ants are feasting on the food the mouse didn’t get around to eating. The cockroaches like the stuff, too. In fact, they are so eager to get to the bait that I can’t scare them away – there must be something yummy in those blocks of death.
  • I think the wet season is well and truly here (as it is in many other parts of the country). But up here, wet season means sticky, sweaty, smelly, gross season, and I’m sick of taking three showers a day!
  • I am house-hunting again. I will do anything to stay in the place I’m at now, because I adore it – mice, ants, cockroaches and all. But the owner wants the place back 😦
  • Houses are SO EXPENSIVE right now. I wish I could afford to buy somewhere – I’d rather pay my own mortgage than someone else’s.
  • I’m going to have to share with a friend. I don’t want to, but have little choice. I had a look at a house I could afford today. All I can afford. See below, and understand why I have to share.





  • The last picture is kind of sweet – until you’re standing there enjoying the sweetness with five hundred thousand mosquitoes. But really, all the place needs is a lawnmower… and a few litres of kerosene and a match.
  • On the plus side, the house we are looking at now HAS A POOL! Yeah, yeah, it will cost us more in maintenance, but did you see what I said earlier? It is stinking hot here. With a pool I won’t have to worry about the sweat factor. The prune factor, maybe…
  • And another friend is keen for us to get the “pool house” – the venue for Friday afternoon wind down drinks will be sorted. Keep your fingers, toes – and whatever else works – crossed for us.
  • My camera is working like a repaired camera charm. I’m so happy. I even took the memory card back to where I bought it and managed to get it exchanged for a new one (it had marks in it that had the potential to ruin the camera again). The pictures above were taken with the newer, improved camera.
  • My new years goal (I don’t do resolutions) is to live a little more frugally. After I go to New Zealand. And possibly after I buy myself an overlocker. But then, I am definitely going to be the biggest scrooge in this town. No more fabric buying until I’ve used up the stash. No more driving my car when I can cycle. No more gin and tonics on a Friday night. Lets see how well I do.

4 thoughts on “Lately

  1. One of the units behind us is free! Well, not free, but available. We have a pool. You could dive in from that unit.
    Am I sounding pushy?

  2. Oh ha ha, I am sitting here giggling at your wonderful aspirations! Esp the G and T ! You would enjoy meeting my Life Long Friend who sometimes features in my blog. She has library friends in Oz too….

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