Welcome 2008

No new years resolutions – except to evict the squatters who took up residence in my house while I was away.  Evidence here:


The bold little bastards didn’t even care that I had returned and were wandering around as if they owned the place.  So I fed them:


I think the skull and crossbones adds a nice, “eat me if you dare” touch.

They dared:


Funnily enough, I haven’t seen any more…

I spent the last day of 2007 enjoying the roar of lawn mowers and whipper snippers in  my yard.  I now have grass I can walk on without wondering if the next step will fall on a death adder/brown snake/taipan…



I also took in a 20-20 cricket match.  Victoria defeated Queensland (yay).  It was a fantastic three hours despite the scorching heat, huge queue for beverages (and them running out of water!!) and the music that would blare across the speakers after each ball was bowled (no, not after each over, each ball bowled – what’s with that??).


New Years Eve was fun.  Got all frocked up and danced the night away at the casino.

And today, the first day of 2008 – I escaped the heat in a friend’s pool.  I think I’m refreshed and ready for work now.


7 thoughts on “Welcome 2008

  1. How nice of you to feed the visitors 🙂 We sometimes have ‘bold’ mice too, even though we have a house cat! She has caught 3 of them, but lets them go to play with them. I clunked the last one with a handy fly swatter, knocked it out, and threw it outside to Toby (a barn kitty), who looked so surprised to see a mouse flying through the air…..lol.
    I could enjoy mowing our lawn right now. Nothing but snow out there…..
    That music must’ve been dreaded annoying!
    Glad you had a fun New Year. Happy 2008, and here’s to a newly-repaired camera (soon I hope) and lots of wonderful photos!

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