My decision

I had a few suggestions that I just buy a new camera.  Believe me, I thought about it.  But the most expensive repairer was still only going to charge me less than half the price of a new camera, so disposable consumerism really wasn’t an option.

As I write this, my camera is headed for Vermont.  I’ve always wanted to go to Vermont, and even thought I’d need a great camera to take with me.  I never really thought my camera would go there without me…  The American repairer had three things going for it that the other options didn’t have.   They were relatively cheap, they will be relatively fast, and they would do a good quality job.*  No other place could offer all three to the same standard.  Oh, and the jeweller?  If they screwed up, the repair would cost me more, so I didn’t really want to chance it.

I sent a memory card with the camera, and I asked the repairer if he’d mind taking a few shots of Vermont (just the town) with the repaired camera.  He said he’d be happy to, though I should prepare to see snowy pictures.  That made me all the more excited – hopefully it will mentally cool me down in this oppressive summer heat.

I probably said this last post, but I’ll say it again.  Let this be a lesson to all people who use CF cards in their cameras – don’t take them out of the camera!!

*One of the business courses I took recently taught me that if you want something, you have a choice of three parameters: cheap, quick, good.  You can only ever have two of the three (if you want something cheap and quick, it won’t be good; if you want something good and quick, it won’t be cheap; and if you want something cheap and good, it won’t be quick).


4 thoughts on “My decision

  1. Take pictures of Vermont!! That is a dandy way to see the world – mail your camera to someone, get them to take a few pics and mail it back! I’m impressed.

  2. Isn’t it amazing that you can get the job done quicker by mailing it half way round the world? I hope all goes well with it and that you get some beautiful bonus snow pictures of picturesque Vermont. It’s supposedly the place to go in the fall, although it’s pretty spectacular here in NY too, and all of New England.
    Have a wonderful Christmas with the family Tanya. I know they’ll be very happy to have you home 🙂

  3. I haven’t even been to Vermont and I’m not that far away from it. Love your humor about the whole thing. Can’t believe you asked the repair guy to take some pictures of Vermont for you. Only you would think of a thing like that, hehehehe.

    Enjoy your Christmas with the family.
    Merry Christmas,

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