In tears

Yes, I know. I haven’t blogged in a while. Can’t be bothered. Nothing interesting has happened. Brisbane was boring (but I did buy shoes). The work Christmas party wasn’t too bad (I helped organise it so got to do what I wanted so it was fun). The Bollywood party on the weekend was great. Up until I destroyed my camera.


The new, flashy SLR camera.


And I couldn’t have chosen better timing… It will take forever to fix without even factoring in shutdowns over the Christmas break. I’m not even sure if it will be fixed before I go to New Zealand.

The destruction (bent pins in the memory card slot – major repairs involved) occurred at the end of the night, and I did manage to upload the pictures to the computer. Small comfort.

Bollywood party
Trying to show off the henna tattoos on my hands. And yes, I cut a friend out of this shot, in the interest of anonymity.

Bollywood party
Not drunk, just tired….


4 thoughts on “In tears

  1. Oh, T! If it’s any comfort at all, you do look ravishing in a cyan sari. I’m sure a Maharajah is going to come bounding in astride an elephant (or even a tiger) and have his way with you at any moment.

  2. Tanya, you look simply ravishing dear! Just like your lovely mother 🙂 (she told me to say that). That’s a gorgeous color on you.
    Oh no!!!! Not the camera!!!!! I feel your pain. I do hope it’ll be fixed by the time you’re due to leave for NZ. The scenery there…..what photos you could ge!!
    Do you still have the other camera? I hope so.
    I don’t envy you those horrible cane toads…and sorry about the flooding. Sometimes you have to wonder if there even is a happy medium with the wet and dry over there!!

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