Water, anyone?

Last night it rained freaking poured. The joys of having a tin roof stretch only so far. The pitter patter of rain sounds pleasant on a tin roof. Even the sound of a heavy downpour in the afternoon can be quite comforting. But rain so heavy that when it hits the tin roof it hurts your ears – at 3:00 am ain’t that good. Another thing that wasn’t so good was the flooding. Yes, it seems that every drop that landed on Castle Hill ran down the hill, under my back door, and ended up in my laundry.

How dare you suggest I’m exaggerating.

I didn’t know where to start cleaning it all this morning. So I pretended it hadn’t happened and just went to work. This afternoon, most of the mud has dried so it’s a little easier to clean up (good thing the floor is concrete). I might start the clean up tomorrow. I’ll do that after I seal the gaps in the roof where all the rain came through into my house (right onto a power socket – but who’s paying attention, really?).

As I was heading to work I found the shitter – the culprit who likes to fertilise my lawn. A wallaby bounded out of the front yard, up the driveway and on over to Kirsty’s place without even a, “so long, thanks for all the fish grass.” Scared me half to death.

Last night wasn’t all bad. I do love the rain. However, tonight I’ve discovered that so do the cane toads (there’s a plague of them now – YUK!!). And those tiny (yet noisy) frogs that usually like my kitchen sink.

You know, I think I’d rather the sound of a cyclone on the tin roof…


5 thoughts on “Water, anyone?

  1. You should live in a hermetically sealed townhouse like us! We don’t get anything inside (thank goodness – I don’t do well with toads. Frogs are good but toads *shudder*) except geckos. A wallaby?? good grief! where did he come from?? We haven’t had one of those yet – just snakes and a goana.

  2. I loved having a rainy morning at home yesterday. It was so nice and cool, and so peaceful with that gentle pitter patter, music loudish on the stereo, pottering around doing a bit of sewing, a bit of this and that.

    Last night the croaking outside was so loud that we had to go out in the dark to investigate. We found three massive green frogs in various spots around the pool, and one desperately trying to climb up the fence palings to escape next door – alas he was to fat to get far.

  3. Are you sure you love living in the tropics??
    We once had frogs who came to swim in our Granddaughter’s paddling pool. They kept Gom awake so he emptied the pool!

  4. That will teach you to have rain when we still want more….lol.

    Hope the clean-up wasn’t too bad.

    Hasn’t anyone thought of a recipe using cane toads yet?

    Thundering here at the moment, but it probably will be just all noise and no action.

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