A reunion

I had been avoiding getting lured into the Facebook phenomenon, but finally got sucked into it after a number of cousins told me to join!! A while after joining, I actually started looking around the site, and recently came across one of my closest friends from high school who I hadn’t seen in almost twenty years!! I got in touch with her and found that she has a blog too! Such good news. She’s a scrapbooking queen, so if you’re into ‘scrapping’ check out her blog. I can’t wait to catch up with her some more.

Cairns was – the same old thing. I went for a sunrise walk along The Esplanade each morning, which is always pleasant. Below are a couple of pictures taken on the latest trip.

Sunrise over the bay, Cairns
Cairns sunrise

Freshwater Creek, Cairns
Freshwater Creek



7 thoughts on “A reunion

  1. Such stunning photos, Tanya. Real calendar standard.

    How exciting to find Rebecca again. I vaguely remember seeing the birth notice (I think). Had a quick glance at her blog, too.

  2. Love the Cairns shots. It is a lovely part of the world.

    I joined Facebook due to other students sending my invites but it is not really my thing. When the Facebook ‘heavies’ banned anyone posting photos of mothers breast feeding I inactivated my account in protest. Not that I scoured FB for photos of breastfeeding mothers, it just seemed a too overt application of someone else’s prissy morals on people wanting to show a joyous part of their life.

  3. Damn, I was going to use the word “stunning” too. Now I’m stumped for words to describe those two photos. How’s this: they make me homesick for Australia.

  4. Fabulous! Fantastic! I’m flabbergasted!
    No really….your photos have reached new great heights 🙂
    These are beautiful Tanya.
    Cairns is such a lovely place. Did you go there for work?
    The corroboree sounds wonderful. Boney M…seems like I remember them. Glad you had such a good time.

  5. Beautiful. so glad you have found a lost friend. Hey don’t know where you are from the “devil’s marbles” rock formation but that made my locale news this morning-a guy claimed it is a marker (doorway) for ailens form out of space.

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