Where have I been?

Bet you didn’t even know I had been away. I wasn’t even out of town this time. I was:

  • working stupid hours at work (and probably will continue to do so for the next few weeks (/months/years…)
  • playing volleyball (and losing spectacularly – some things never change)
  • quilting with three lovely ladies
  • getting cultured – saw Educating Rita starring Lisa Chappell (from McLeod’s Daughters) and David Downer (from All Saints). I only knew that they were from these shows when I read this link because my McLeod’s Daughters/All Saints viewing occurs only under extreme duress. But I did chat with David Downer after the show (is good being disorganised and ending up the last people to leave). He was very nice, but a typical southerner – couldn’t handle the tropical heat…
  • joining a wine club and swindling a free gift because I have a friend who is already a member (but had nothing to do with me joining – except for the fact that we both drink a lot of wine together)
  • booking my next overseas trip for February
  • contemplating ditching my internet service provider in favour of one that will actually provide me with an internet service. Then I decided to pay my bill and the service resumed…

Dinosaur quilt
Luca’s dinosaur quilt – at the quilting stage

And I’ve been tagged!! I’ll get onto that one tomorrow…


5 thoughts on “Where have I been?

  1. Hi Tanya,
    I dont mind at all if you link to me. I will be honoured. I realise after seeing your blog, you are Alice’s daughter. Love the look of that quilt for Luca!
    I will return later today, to see the meme! I dont mind doing them, they can be fun.

  2. Loved reading your meme answers in the other post. I’ll have to put that on a list of things to do. Glad to see your next holiday destination is tamer than the last one. Although come to think of it, isn’t NZ where they invented bungie jumping?

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