One of the reasons I wanted to live in a house with a backyard was so that when I finished a quilt I could hang it over the white picket fence and take pictures of it.

Blue, green and yellow quilt in the yard

I said it was one of the reasons. Not the only reason. That would be sad.

blue, green and yellow quilt

I finished the quilt that I had made to match the walls in my bedroom.

Blue quilt in the blue room

Before I finished the quilt, I moved bedrooms. So, now it’s on the ‘daybed’ (two mattresses).  I still have to spray water onto the quilt to get the removable pen marks out.  Oops…

Blue quilt in the blue room

Excuse the pillows and cushions – I haven’t made covers that blend in so well yet. The cute bunny was made by my sister.


9 thoughts on “Finished!!

  1. Yes – Tracey that would be hand quilting you spy!!! My dear darling sister is so amazing…..and patient!!! Who has patience like that, to hand quilt – quilt after quilt…and in Townsville!! Me on the other hand – I did not inherit the patient gene. And where she got it? – that she got from her Dad!! dig dig dig sift sift sift!!!! oh yes!!

  2. I’m so impressed Tanya!!! This is a truly lovely quilt..and I think the pillows blend in very well. Nice to have a white fence to hang it on for picture taking ops. You’ve done a beautiful job and I love, love, love the colors. Give yourself a pat on the back. Your mum will be proud of you 🙂 Cute bunny too.

  3. …and it’s beautiful! Love the color combo.

    Enjoyed catching up with your blog today, the kites are amazing. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  4. Darling that is a most beautiful quilt. The colours are a dream. If I repainted my bedroom, could I have that one?…lol.

    Oh, I just can’t wait to see what you come up with for me.

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