A little bottle of lies

Today I bought a little bottle of juice. This is the bottle (I drank the juice). Looks delicious, no? It tasted pretty good.


Pineapples, mangoes and ginger. What could taste better?


Apples, apparently!


6 thoughts on “A little bottle of lies

  1. Huh! Shame they forgot to mention it on the front. Dodgy.
    Big congrats on your job success ~ that’s really good news.
    I’m loving your pics as usual, those kites look so fab flying around together.

    Have a lovely Friday.

  2. wow… interesting… its amazing what you learn from an ingredient list. Basically, the front of packaging is for marketing. If you want to know the truth, go to the ingredients list on the back of the packaging!

    One of the things that frustrates me with packaged food is that sugars are listed on the nutrition facts label but you don’t know if they are naturally occurring (ex: fruit sugar) or added sugar (to make it sweeter). You have to read the ingredient list to search for the added sugars. Last I checked there were 18 different types of added sugars with these complicated names — complicated for me and I have degrees in chemistry and nutrition!

    (the rant has ended, thank you)


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