Today was the kite festival on The Strand. I went there in the afternoon, just as they were closing up (and at a time when there were less people and more carparks). Tracey also has some great pictures here.


Down for the count

A stingray?

Kites in front of Castle Hill

I like this picture of the kites in front of Castle Hill.

Thankyou to all the well-wishers.  I am mostly recovered.  Still trying to take things easy.  I generally feel like crap after I’ve eaten so will be doing a little experiment.  I’ll cut out all the crap and see if I feel better.  Which also means I’ll have to buy healthy food because if I just cut out the crap food and don’t replace it with anything else… I’ll starve!


5 thoughts on “Kites!!

  1. Looks like you’re giving the new camera a good workout. Wonderful subject matter. Wow, what fantastic colors and shapes! Looks like fun!
    Glad to hear you’re feeling better.

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