First shots

Memory card is purchased (and at a bargain price too – thanks The Good Guys). I drove to Queens Gardens and then to The Strand to try out the camera. Just a sample:




So, they’re not great. Nothing more exceptional than usual. But it is the middle of the day – never my favourite time to take photos.  I think I have to resign myself to the fact that I’m a very average photographer. But that may change. I’m going to look into photography courses very soon.

I still don’t know how to do what I want with the camera, like using manual mode. I suppose there is a reason why the camera comes with an instruction book. Maybe I should think about reading that.


4 thoughts on “First shots

  1. Oh, oh, oh – that wavelet on the sand. My idea of heaven. and you say you are average. I nearly typed a very Anglo Saxon word expressing my disbelief!

    You have a great talent. Enjoy it (leave the quilting for a while!!) Get out there and capture.

  2. Oh that beach!! Stop! I just can’t take it! I’m hopping on a plane and winging my way over to paddle my toes in those sparkling waves 🙂
    I think I see the difference in our cameras. My lens is an EF-S 18-55 and yours is 30 to 80 (in the pic). That’s the lens that came with it, right?
    That bridge photo is fantastic.
    Love what you have blooming too.That camera is making you sit up and take notice I see 🙂

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