My Sunday

Today I went to a bbq with friends at the site of the old plague hospital Pallarenda. The weather was lovely and warm (if windy) and we played frisbee, volleyball and beach cricket. The kite surfers (or whatever they call themselves) were out in force. The food and drink were great as was the company. No pictures, though – the camera stayed in the car. Lots of families were out, most likely celebrating Father’s Day (happy Father’s Day, Dad).

It was a last minute decision to head out there today and it got me to thinking – it was so easy to organise and so much fun, so why is it I do things like this so rarely?? But no longer – soon a group of us will be organising a ‘progressive sports day’ – where we move from one person’s house to another’s. The agenda will include an early morning swim, followed by cricket, frisbee, volleyball, bocce/petanque (I don’t care if they are the same thing or not – at our playing level it won’t matter) and then my favourite, totem tennis (although as I recall from my childhood, totem tennis can leave some colourful bruises). Delicious food and beverages will be served at each place. The volleyball will be at my house. After I remove all the bindiis. Can’t wait!!


4 thoughts on “My Sunday

  1. My tennis ball crazy dog hates totem tennis. He gets very confused and will after a few minutes of missing the ball leap up, grab the ball and pull the whole thing off the totem! It is a short-lived game!

  2. What! No hockey? I think you need to make it a Progressive Sports Weekend or some of the sports will be over before they start.

    Glad you had a good day, and I’ll say “thanks” on Richard’s behalf for the Fathers’ Day wishes.

  3. What a great idea, although I dare say you’ll all be exhausted by the end of the day. I loved totem tennis – one of the perks of being a parent is that you get to play with the kids’ toys. Good thing I had sons as I almost gag when I picture having Barbie dolls etc and anything pink in the house. Much more fun to play with Tonka toys, train sets etc. Yep, I was a tomboy.

  4. Brilliant idea – and the weather is perfect for it at the moment. I love that feeling at the end of a long day spent playing in the sun, and of course relaxing afterwards with a beer you know you’ve earned. Delicious.

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