Sunrise on The Strand

Today I woke up early thanks to, you guessed it, the roadworks. I thought to myself that, being a Saturday and because I didn’t need to go to work (and because I didn’t go to the gym yesterday), I should go for a run along The Strand. But before the run, I took some pictures (until the batteries in my camera died).

Looking out across Cleveland Bay to the east (obviously, because the sun rises in the east…):

Sunrise over Cleveland Bay

Looking out towards Cape Pallarenda – on a clear day you can see Palm Island from here:

Looking out to Cape Pallarenda

The Strand almost glows:

Sunrise on the Strand

The Rockpool. Often people are swimming here early in the morning. This time, it was just the seagulls:

The Rockpool at The Strand

Palm trees reflected in The Rockpool:

The Rockpool at The Strand



When I got home I planted seven trees that I had been given by the local Landcare group a couple of weeks ago. Maybe in a few years they’ll be effective noise barriers. I’m just hoping that in a few months they’ll be pretty. Note that the picture above is not one of the trees I planted – this one was on The Strand.

Oh, the interview? I’ll be able to write about that in a week or two. I think it was alright. I’m just glad it’s over and I have a weekend where I can do whatever I please without thinking that I should be doing something else. Although instead of relaxing now, I really should be cleaning the house, washing the car, weeding the garden, ironing, washing clothes, finishing my quilt, starting all the other quilts I’m supposed to make, making curtains, and the list goes on. But today will be spent chilling. And maybe shopping. Tomorrow I’ll be at Pallarenda catching up with friends I have neglected for the past few weeks. Can’t wait.


6 thoughts on “Sunrise on The Strand

  1. Your photos are astounding. Definitely calendar or postcard worthy. The palm trees in the rockpool is magic. What program are you using to post your photos now?

    Hope you have a terrific weekend, although looking at the order of jobs to do, I suggest you wash the clothes BEFORE you iron them…lol.

    Michelle and kids have gone to the coast for the weekend; we’ll go down on Monday until Friday. Looking forward to it as we haven’t been down since January.

    Glad you’re reasonably happy with the interview, etc. whether or not you are successful.

  2. Thankyou, Alice (I have a warm fuzzy feeling inside now). I’m still posting all my pictures to Flickr, but instead of clicking ‘blog this’, I’m clicking ‘all sizes’ then ‘medium’ and copying the code into the html page on WordPress. So realistically, I could post pictures that are bigger than the screen, but medium size works for me. And after chatting with Tracy, there is an easier way to upload pictures, but I like having the pictures on Flickr.

    I love the light that you get at dawn – it’s so different to any other time of the day, including dusk. It’s my favourite part of the day – probably because I see it so rarely.

    Have a great week at the coast – looking forward to seeing lots of pictures on the blog.

  3. Tanya, these pictures are wonderful….like a dream. They make me miss Australia, with her beautiful beaches, so much! What a great place for an early morning run. Wish I could go with you……but I’d have to walk 🙂
    So that lucky duck mother of yours (and father) are off to the coast again. And here we are heading into winter. blah!!
    It’s been fun catching up with your posts. Love the photo of your cousin. Did you catch the frog?
    You and Jelly……the shoe queens 🙂 Those green shoes are still great….nothing wrong with a little wear and tear.

  4. I love dawn light too. I almost never see it though. With the kids I seem to need to stay up later at night just to wind down enough to sleep, so my early bird days are over for now. In a few years, when I am less frazzled …

    Your photos are really spectacular, they’d make great Christmas presents. I like Townsville, I am sure I told you hubby and I met at uni there. The Strand is looking a little up market from when we were there!

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