Some things I saw in Mackay

I know this man is harnessed to the crane and all, but… Idiot on crane

Look how high up it is. Crazy.A crane and...

I’m not necessarily a “Ford-girl” (or any other make of car, for that matter), but liked this pic

I took pictures of many living flowers, but this was my favourite.

The church across the road from my (totally crap) accommodation.

I have a job interview tomorrow. I have to prepare a presentation. I am not happy about this.

Any wishes of luck would be greatly appreciated.

Any celebratory/commisatory* bottles of wine, depending on how I feel I went, would also go down well.

*Wordpress is telling me that commisatory is not a word. I agree. But it seems appropriate in this context and I have to go prepare a presentation right now (grrr!) – so it will have to do.


6 thoughts on “Some things I saw in Mackay

  1. the red crane is truly beautiful against the sky!

    Very very good luck and commisiatiry things won’t be necessary. (I changed the spelling for you, does wordpress like it now?)

    PS I know that you would recognise the coral skeleton

  2. GOOD LUCK, darling. Is it a job that you really want? I’m sure it will be all congratulatory messages, and no commiseratory messages will be required.

  3. Oooh, is it a sexy powerpoint presentation?
    Btw, wordpress does not like:


    It liked sexy though.

    Good luck!

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