More books…and an orchid


I had to go back and get more. As before, I’ve no idea what any of these are about – I never read the back before I forked out the huge $2.99 for each book. As to when I’ll read them – probably best to ask me that next year…

And once again, quite by accident (through utter neglect on my part) my graduation present from Mum and Dad is flowering.



3 thoughts on “More books…and an orchid

  1. I thought the plant must have graduated right out of your keeping. Glad to see it’s alive and well, or looks that way from here.

    Hopefully you’ll find some treasures amongst those books. Some of them certainly look interesting.

    Happy reading, whenever you get the time. I hear you’ve been meeting a few more bloggers. What fun.

  2. I seem to collect books, and end up not reading them for some reason or another. Still love to have them around me and to be able to pick one up and put it down again, as the mood strikes me.
    BTW ~ I love orchids and it is one type of plant I do miss from the Tropics. Mum has heaps of them in her garden, and I do enjoy them when I visit.

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