My week so far – in pictures

For the past several days I have been busy weeding the garden of these pretty flowers. They’re everywhere.
Pretty but painful

They’re bindis, they’re nasty, they’ve gotta go!!

And I was using cheap (as in Reject Shop*) gardening tools to remove them. The result? This (a useless, broken handle).
Cheap gardening tools

So today I went shopping for a replacement. But all the crappy shops had were all plastic gardening tools – and they’re too crappy for even my standards.

So instead I bought these:

Yes, if you were to zoom in you would see that the prices really were $2.99 each. And these aren’t bad books!! I’m going to go back tomorrow – I just have to check what I already have on my shelves to make sure I don’t double-up.

I also bought something else. Quite possibly the most important purchase of the day/week – hell, the most important purchase of the month.
What the traffic has driven me to

The traffic versus me: it’s now WAR!!!

*It was a Reject-type shop, not really a Reject Shop. I wouldn’t want THE Reject Shop to think I was implying that they sell crap.


8 thoughts on “My week so far – in pictures

  1. I don’t know what sort of roots those vicious beggars have, but would one of those two-pronged forks I used to use for dandelions, etc. be better? As you’ve already discovered, cheap gardening tools turn out to be very expensive indeed.

    Alternatively, do you think salt would kill them? If they are not too close together could you put say a teaspoon of salt on the base of each plant? Although I guess you still have to remove the plant to stop the bindis sticking into your feet.

    I think I give up – obviously I’ve never gardened in the tropics!

  2. I should add that I tried poisoning the bindis. I bought the expensive stuff too. And ended up poisoning myself and writing off a weekend. It worked on some of them – but not the majority. I’ve tried the gardening fork – I don’t like them much. And I can’t even do it for too long because my hands are delicate (!) and gardening gloves bug me. There is only one solution that I can see – I’ll just have to wait until I have bought more tools.

    Or another solution – I could hire a gardener.

    I wonder if there is one round here that looks like George Clooney and works weekends?


  3. Why not go the whole hog and ask George first up? I could fly up and make the cups of coffee – regularly!

    How did you manage to poison yourself?

    I know you don’t have a mower, but could you get someone to mow them close to the ground before they set seed, then WHEN they start to grow again and WHEN you have bought more tools, you can did them out?

  4. Methinks you have too many excuses! Surely there are good gardening tools to be had (says she who leaves most gardening to the Man Who Cooks). Have you tried putting vinegar on the leaves? (Careful not to get it on things you don’t want to kill)

    My footwear post is up.

    Let me know please how you liked “Purple hibiscus”.

  5. ‘Affection’ is really a really good read. I don’t know if it gave me a better appreciation of life in Townsville (it is a shithole in many ways), but at least I know now I’m not going to move to Pallarenda – ewww that’s where the plague hospital used to be.

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  7. I see you have succumbed to the ear plug- what happened to getting used to it??? Feel free to lend me any books once read, any time you like!!
    Have house, will email details soon – hopefully when have picutures.

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