My cuz

Narelle and wine

The roadworks woke Narelle up last night.   I feel bad.  But today she didn’t get any earplugs.  She got me adorable wine glasses (wine just tastes better when it is drunk from a crystal glass) and got her self a lovely sunburn.  Both quite visible in this picture.

Tomorrow we’re heading to the rainforest.  There’s less chance of sunburn there, I hear.  But there are more frogs….

….Just ask Narelle about the frogs….


One thought on “My cuz

  1. Okay, Rell, what’s with the frogs? Don’t you like the cold, slippery little creatures?

    I’ve just been reading William McInnes’ book “A Man’s Got to Have a Hobby” in which he relates his absolute abhorrence of toads of any sort, but Cane Toads in particular.

    Hope you enjoy your few days with Tanya.

    Much love –

    Aunt Fran.

    PS: Look out for Cassowarries(sp?) – Tanya says “they’re mean bastards.”

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