Hey look. Big pictures!!

After years (yes, it IS years) of blogging teeny tiny pictures (which isn’t always a bad thing, since some of my pictures can be a bit sub-standard) I’ve discovered a much faster way to upload pictures of any size I choose. (So, I’m a trillion years behind the times – leave me alone!!) This is the way of my blogging future.

I was in Brisbane for a course this week. Every morning I had to walk through Roma Street Parklands to get to the training venue. Yeah, poor me. I managed to haul my ass out of bed early each morning so I could take my time getting to the course. I have stacks more pictures over on Flickr. Go see.

Kangaroo Paw - Roma Street Parklands, Brisbane

Roma Street Parklands, Brisbane

Roma Street Parklands, Brisbane

Roma Street Parklands, Brisbane

Cherry blossom - Roma Street Parklands, Brisbane


7 thoughts on “Hey look. Big pictures!!

  1. I’m sure you found Roma Street Parklands a very worthwhile reason to have to drag yourself out of bed at a ‘not unreasonable’ hour. A wonderful examply of what can be done when people put their creative minds together, for the benefit of current and future generations. And being Brisbane, there will be colour all year round.

    So glad you made the effort to visit and post the photos.

  2. To those who asked (even though I replied personally)…

    All my pictures are loaded onto Flickr first. I copy the code for the medium sized picture (go to ‘all sizes’) and paste into the html version of the post. Because I have a Flickr pro account, I don’t have a limit to what I can load up. Until now, photos were always the one thing that bugged me about WordPress (but not enough to go back to Blogger).

  3. Those beautiful blooms would be enough incentive to get me out of bed early! Great photos Tanya…….and the size is great!
    Sounds like Brisbane has come a long way since I was there last. It’s a wonder I can ever remember that far back…….it was a few years before I was married! Many moons ago!

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