It wasn’t that bad

I guess I gave a pretty bad impression of the garage sale. That’s probably because bad stuff is more entertaining to write – and read – than boring old good stuff. Truth is, the garage sale was overall a positive experience. So many people were lovely and gave me so many compliments on how well the whole thing was run that one great person blended into another – the few odd people stood out in my mind, so I wrote about them. Probably not really fair, but there you go. And when I said the guy who bought the bed was bullying me into selling things I didn’t want to sell, he was really just very persistent. And because it was the end of the day, I didn’t have the patience for it and he gave me the shits. I think I’d be putting myself on a pedestal to think that people would begin to stalk me once they know where I live. There are about fifty garage sales each weekend in this town – I’m no more special than any of the others.

The best part of the garage sale was seeing things from the other side. As I said earlier, I have new appreciation for people who hold garage sales and I will certainly go to more. And I see the holding of more garage sales in my future.

I leave you with a picture of my last visitor to the sale. Do you think he was disappointed that there was nothing for him?



2 thoughts on “It wasn’t that bad

  1. I’m glad your garage sale experience was a positive one overall. You absolutely do have to tell about the weird ones because the normal people don’t make for a good story šŸ™‚ That’s OK. I love to read your rambles. Your sense of humour always has me chuckling.
    I wouldn’t want to tread on one of those dreaded burrs. Everything grows bigger and better (of worse) in Oz!

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