Garage sale roundup – part 1

Oh my GOD! Selling worthless junk can be just SO exhausting. I am done in. My back is killing me, I’m sleepy, and starving.

The day started off alright. I couldn’t sleep for fear that someone would come knocking on my door at 5:00 am wanting to buy something, even though the ad and the sign on the gate said the sale started at 8:00 am. So I got up at 4:45 am and started driving around the neighbourhood putting up signs directing people to my house. This turned out to be possibly the most valuable thing I could have done all day, as the roadworks screwed with everyone’s sense of direction, and many people said, “thank God you put up the signs – they were perfect – and very necessary.”

When I got back home, the sun had come up, though the fog hadn’t entirely lifted from the hill behind my house. I think very first thing in the morning is my favourite time of day (probably more so because I’m rarely awake to see it).

Misty morning - Townsville

I put up this sign to make sure I wasn’t disturbed early. Even so, the first people to visit arrived at 7:00 am. And they wanted toy cars! They left disappointed. Serves them right for not obeying my elegant sign!!

Do not even TRY to enter before I say

The carport quickly became overrun with crap for sale. This isn’t even half of it. But more than half of what is in this picture is gone. Woohoo (that’s less I have to take to The Salvos or LifeLine).

Crap for sale

A valuable tip was received from the smelly guy who bought my old TV – he identified a weed that was growing in my driveway. This weed has a very pretty flower…

Pretty flower

…but it has the burr from hell. Look at the size of that puppy!! They can flatten bike tyres (at first the guy said they could flatten car tyres, but changed his story when I didn’t believe him) and hurt like a bastard when you step on one without shoes on. And I am always without shoes. These prickle things are everywhere. Each time I went outside I’d see more and more. I reckon I’ve done a year’s quota of weeding today.

Ugly burr

Tomorrow I start again. This time I have the advantage of no road works. But the disadvantage of no road workers (they bought a lot of stuff).

I have new empathy for people who run garage sales. Every cent they make is well earned!

Edited to add: Remember the possessed toy? Someone paid $1 for it and walked away very happily. Little do they know…….


5 thoughts on “Garage sale roundup – part 1

  1. Ow! You only stand on a goat’s head once and you remember that pain for a long, long, long time!! Fantastic photo, it really shows why they have that name.

    I would/could never be at a garage sale before 8am. Probabaly why I don’t go to them, was all the good stuff gone quickly?

  2. What a vicious looking burr and very aptly named. Can you spray it? Yes, I know, you have to weigh up the balance between being an environmentalist or a cripple.

    Glad you sold heaps of stuff today; hopefully you’ll sell the rest tomorrow.

  3. I would have bought those two bar stools!! They look so comfy and I have just the right spot for them. Also the wicket drawers at the back…

    I’ve never had a garage sale, sounds scary!

  4. Gorgeous morning photoe. i have to agree, this is also my favourite time of time of the day. it has a bit of a magical zap in the air.

    garage sales look tough going for the person maning them- people are always trying to do the dodgy and talk down prices-very exhausting and anoying. hope you recovered ok!

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