Another trip to Cairns

I’ve just been to Cairns for a few days. It wasn’t too bad. I got to see this when I arrived (the full moon rising)…
Full moon rising

And this the next morning (the sunrise)…

But one of the best things I got to do was go here (to Myer)!!

And I got to spend a few hours in the Qantas Club before getting on the plane to come back home. An afternoon of free champagne and snacks. I’m so easily pleased!

I also got home to find that Suzanne just had four babies! Now that’s not something that happens every day….


6 thoughts on “Another trip to Cairns

  1. You and your mother sure have the photographic skills! I was wowed by her recent study of a tree, but these first two almost eclipse hers. Shhh, don’t tell.

  2. You shouldn’t have typed so loudly, Val, ‘coz I heard! However, I’m happy to bow to Tanya’s greater skill and knowledge of photography. These are great photos.

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