Job application ramble

My sewing corner

Yeah, the writing of the job application is going well. So well in fact, that I have done anything I can to avoid doing it. I have finally hauled a table in from outside (a table that I told the removalists to leave outside on moving day because I was having a meltdown and didn’t know where it would fit and I just wanted it to disappear), cleaned out a corner of the spare room and moved all my sewing crap into the room. The room is great because I can shut one of the doors (here’s some trivia: every room in my house – except the bathroom – has two ways in and out) and then I don’t have to hear the traffic and roadworks so much. Which don’t look like they’ll ever finish. Anyway, the table doesn’t look nearly this neat now, because I also put the computer here and discovered that the internet cable reaches this corner of the house (the phone jack is at the other corner of the house and oh, how I’d love wireless internet). So I now have power cords stretched all over the place just waiting for me to trip over. And I have internet. This is not conducive to writing a job application. It is conducive to surfing eight billion blogs, however. And selling stuff on eBay. Yes, not only am I buying crap on eBay, I’m now selling it too. Well, I sold a cd. For a whole $3.25. But get this: I made money on it! Because I bought the cd for $3.00. Yet again, I digress. So the job application. Or more specifically, answering selection criteria. It does suck. I will SO appreciate a weekend of nothing once this is done. And so I should go and get it done.


7 thoughts on “Job application ramble

  1. Ferget it least fer the weak end. “Selection criteria?” mm, forgive me but am very cynical old basket. There was a time when was .. errrrm, labourer within the Commonwealth “public service”. Spent some time as a temporary “clerical officer” processing applications for my job ..

    Wierd place.

  2. If you want get a job within the Commonwealth or State “Public Service” .. then consider the “Public Service ” exam. Has nothing much to do with “academic” or “experience” achievement.


  3. .. but if passed .. that examination opens many fields. Has been that way since .. errm.. as long as i can remember as reluctant mail room clerk in 19..XX

    Heh. (details supressed)

  4. Are you applying for a job in your current department, or for one as a comedy writer? The latter is bound to succeed even if the former doesn’t. Best of luck, dear, both with making the application and being appointed.

    Lovely little corner of the sewing room. Where is the rest?

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