Pretty, but…


So, you think this guy* is cute, huh? He hangs out here in my backyard (ooh, I love saying I have a backyard!!). Him and all his mates. They make an awful noise, and a big mess, tearing off tree branches.

They just adore these little red berries.

The lorikeets hang-out
This is the tree they congregate in. The one with the red berries on the branches. Notice how it’s just above my clothesline?

Lorikeet business - in my laundry basket
One crapped in my laundry basket while I was still hanging out the washing!!!! Lucky for him, he missed all the clothes, but eeewwwww! I now have to check the clothes each time I take them off the line to make sure they’re not dirtier than when I put them on the line. So far I’ve been lucky. So far…

*I hereby refer to the lorikeets as male – because they can be bastards. When they’re being nice then, of course, they’re ladies.


2 thoughts on “Pretty, but…

  1. I had that ole “poop in the washing” problem a couple of summers back when the bats and birds were eating the purple berries in a tree near the clothes hoist. I had to drape an old sheet over everything until the berries were finished. Very annoying indeed.

  2. Just a thought – as the air temperature is warm enough to dry your washing without the need of direct sunlight, what about buying a cheap shower curtain and peg it over the top of the line and the clothes when you finish hanging them out?

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