Deja vu???

So, remember this? And this? Now, take a look at this!! Yes, the curse of the left rear wheel struck again today. This time in the city. And this time I didn’t realise I had a flat tyre until I was pulling into a car park. And thinking back, I drove about 30 km from when I assume the tyre blew out to said car park. Yes, blew out. Spectacularly. Well, kind of spectacularly, since I thought it sounded like someone throwing an orange at the back of the car. And I could still drive and all. This all happened at 6:30 in the MORNING, as I was on my way to a breakfast function for NAIDOC week. Fortunately, a couple of work colleagues insisted on changing the tyre for me. And to be honest, I really didn’t feel like hunkering down in work trousers and high heels, in the cold, to change a freakin tyre. The same freakin tyre I had to change last time in the middle of freakin nowhere!! I thought I’d rather look like a pathetic, helpless girl (again) and watch someone else change MY tyre.



I didn’t get a picture of it when it was flat because I forgot in time. But now! I have a brand new tyre (on my spare!), and the wheels were rotated so they wear more evenly, and the guy put pretty black stuff on the tyres so they sparkle, and the jack and the wheel brace are rolling around the boot because the idiot didn’t put them away under the spare tyre. But still, the breakfast was great (William Barton is fabulous and makes SUPER music) and if I had to have a flat tyre, I’d rather it be on the way to something different and fun that if I was just going to work…


2 thoughts on “Deja vu???

  1. You could have looked nearly as pathetic as your aunties and me on our way home from netball one very wet afternoon. Still in wet uniforms, but dry SLIPPERS, we tumbled out of the car on the Princes Highway, and almost immediatedly had several gallant souls ready to change the tyre for us. When we told Dad about it, he immediately made me go outside and learn how to change a tyre. Don’t think he wanted us to have another opportunity to flag down any nice looking guys.

    Glad the brekkie was worth it.

  2. Oooh, since when have you changed the look of your blog? I love it!

    Blown tyres NOT a good experience. The only time (knock on wood) that’s happened to me was years ago in California when I was driving my VW convertible and was, ahem, of a more alluring age. Barely had time to get out of the car before some guy stopped, but all I was interested in was getting mobile again so remember nothing about the quality of said “some guy”. I think I was already under the sway of the Man Who Cooks by then.

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