When I lived in England I worked at a little restaurant that had big prices. They sold the best of everything. The house champagne was Mercier, and was cheap at around £35 per bottle. Whenever we opened a bottle we’d save the metal disc on top of the cork. Once we collected enough discs we could redeem them for goodies. The restaurant was equipped with stereos, televisions and all manner of other ‘gifts’ courtesy of Mercier. While I was there polar fleeces were ‘bought’ for all the staff. Eighty discs were redeemed to get one polar fleece. That’s £2800. You convert it into your own currency. The jumper is enormous (I’m actually bunching up the back of it in the picture to make it a little less huge) and, lets face it, quite ugly, but SO warm. And it’s traveled with me a lot of places in its 10 years. I have been living in it for the past two weeks in this cold house.

But the thing I am most thankful for is that I didn’t have to buy those eighty bottles of champagne.


2 thoughts on “Warmth!!

  1. What do people usually do for heating in your part of Queensland? I’m sure it’s not worth putting in central heating, but your post indicates that it can get chilly in winter.

    Recently I said to my husband that if everyone had one of those Chinese quilted jackets, the world would use a fraction of its resources on heating, they are that warm and cosy. See photo in this post:
    Sorry, too lazy to look up html for making that a link.

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