Today’s fun

You know how I said yesterday was the coldest June day on record here? I was wrong. It was our coldest day EVER on record. Today was a little warmer – a balmy 17 degrees. I’m still frozen and only just took gloves off to type this entry.

I spent today finishing off the cleaning at the old place. Fingers crossed I won’t ever have to go back there (meaning, I hope the real estate folks are happy with my cleaning effort so I get my bond back).

The kitchen - still a mess

The kitchen – still a mess. I’ll unpack everything tomorrow.

Cold weather remedy

My cold weather remedy (I don’t have any milk, so have to substitute with something. Can you guess what I used??).

A new glue gun

One of today’s purchases: a new glue gun. Hopefully I’ll have better luck with this one than the last one!


Another purchase from today: SOCKS!! So very, very needed right now. Note that these pictures are really just to show off my cool floorboards.

Garage sale preparation

And my plans for a couple of weeks from now: a garage sale. This is the list so far. I think I may have to hit up some friends to add their junk unwanted treasures to the sale.


2 thoughts on “Today’s fun

  1. So where and what with are you going to do the ironing now …hmmmm?

    If you’re selling the African fork and spoon, can I sell the African masks as we have nowhere to put them?

    Lovely floorboards – those socks should polish them nicely.

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