An update

It’s been an age since I was here. The blogging enthusiasm is waning. It’s not that I don’t want to post my thoughts ramble, I’d just rather it was instantly there, rather than me having to sit and type. I do enough of that at work. So what have I been up to?

A number of friends and I have a monthly get-together where one person hosts an unusual dinner party. There are about eight of us in the (ever-growing) group, so it takes a while for the circle to complete. It’s the kind of party where you spare no expense and really try to put on a good show. Last weekend was my turn, so I had a fondue party. Very 70s, I tell you. Maybe a little excessive – there were three fondues – cheese, oil (for meat) and chocolate. With loads of stuff to accompany it all. I even shattered all my fish-eating morals and bought prawns for oil fondue. It was all very yummy. There was, of course, lots of wine to go with it all (the essential ingredient). I don’t know why fondues went out of style – they are so much fun. Especially for people (like me) who like eating, because you literally eat FOR HOURS. Everyone had fun and I have a feeling there will be more of these to come. I took photos that I would post – but all my batteries for my camera seem to have died at the same time so I am busily charging them now. Pictures next time.

I have also been making lots of clothes. I bought a funky 1960s dress pattern from the markets the other week and made a dress which fits everywhere but around my bust (don’t know what’s going on there!!). So I can’t wait for all the gym-going to pay off so I can actually wear the thing. Ditto for another top I made a few days ago.

I’m still going to the gym all the time – until I play volleyball or touch football or any other sport that requires a small amount of exertion – because I will always over-do it and injure myself. I’m starting to think I am too old for team sports. Wednesday night I was thrown to the ground (yes, touch football is a non-contact sport) and am still feeling the pain in a shoulder, elbow, knee, hip and cheek. Yes, my cheek is sore. I don’t notice it until I’m trying to go to sleep. A couple of days before that I injured my wrist playing volleyball. I’m serious when I say that I don’t think I’m meant for team sports.

I bought an iPod the other week (because music at the gym sucks). I haven’t actually used it at the gym yet, but I will. One day. It is tiny!! It’s just a 1GB iPod shuffle – about 1 x 1.5 inches – it’s hard to understand how such good quality music can come out of such a tiny piece of metal. Again, I’d show a picture, but the camera is playing up.

I’ve been asked to enter a cooking competition for morning tea at work next week. If any of you are living under a rock, next Thursday is Australia’s biggest morning tea – raising money for cancer research. I laughed hysterically when I was asked to enter – clearly this person has never experienced my cooking. But then, I suppose in every competition, someone has to come last. Though as soon as I told one friend about it, she said, “make your banoffee pie.” So banoffee pie it will be. Something that I actually don’t like, but any fool who likes caramel will die for.

I can’t think of any other news. Am off camping next weekend (most likely), so hope to have some tales to tell after that.


3 thoughts on “An update

  1. Yes, you have been missed and thought about too. Can I tag you for 7 random facts about yourself? Just off the top of your head, like I just did.

  2. Great to read all your news, Tanya. Of course, if I hadn’t been so lazy I could have rung and heard it all first hand.

    I can just see you and your friends having heaps of fun at the fondue dinner (hope you all could still SEE each other by the end of the evening despite the wine!)

    Dress patterns are made for ‘imaginary figures’ and there’s not too many that you can make without having to alter in some small way. It may be easier to alter the pattern than your body, which is fine. Glad you’ve still having a go at the sewing just the same.

    Hope your iPod isn’t so small that you lose it. They look so cute and I’ve always been amazed at the quality of sound that comes from mine – not that you would like the sound, of course – although mine is the slightly larger iPod Nano.

    Where are you going camping? Somewhere that you took us?

    Have a great week – no doubt it will be horrendously busy, as usual.

    Lots of love.

  3. I’m echoing Val…you’ve been missed and thought about. I’m still waiting to see more pics of that wonderful vacation!
    Love your finished quilt. Great job!
    As your mum says, patterns can be frustrating. Good for you spending time sewing. It’s a rewarding feeling to create your own clothes. I used to sew all the time.
    I love caramel! I’d love to see that banoffee pie recipe.
    Hope you had fun camping.

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