Because this is the forum where I document all the dumb things I do

I was driving home from volleyball tonight and was playing around with the air conditioning and air vents on my newly-serviced-car, trying to defog the windscreen.  After a while I noticed it was getting a bit warm – that’s when I realised the air conditioning was broken.  I spent the rest of the drive home fuming that it was going to cost me a pile of money – just after I had dumped another pile of money on the mechanic’s desk a few days before.  I got quite mad.  And hot (no air conditioning).  Then, just before I got home, I realised that I had turned the air conditioner level to zero.  Funnily enough, when it’s on zero, it doesn’t work.

In other news: we lost volleyball.  Again.

In better news: I won a bottle of wine.  Again.  From a competition I didn’t know I had entered.  The first time I won wine was when I entered a raffle at a performance of classical music about 18 months ago.  This time was when I entered a raffle at the Sydney Travelling Film Festival – about six months ago.  I only just found out I won.  Without wanting to sound ungrateful for continually winning wine, when am I going to win the car/house/holiday/cash???


7 thoughts on “Because this is the forum where I document all the dumb things I do

  1. Don’t feel bad. I always used to complain to my husband that when I drove his car, I could never get the air conditioning to work. Well, it seems that, ahem, I didn’t realise I had to change a setting to air con mode. Hmmpf!

  2. I had that problem but in Winter here and couldn’t get any warmth only cold and I thought it was the heater was broken….it was our sisters car in the dark mind!!

  3. If you don’t remember entering these competitions BEFORE you win the wine, what hope will you have AFTERWARDS.

    I’m sure the house will come up next time!

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