In answer to Val’s comment

Nomads in Port Vila
Nomads in Port Vila

This is another shot of the hotel I spent most of my time at when I was in Port Vila. When I arrived in Vanuatu on the very first day of my holiday I hadn’t booked anywhere to stay (my organisational skills suck when it comes to travelling). At the airport I found a place called “Standby Accommodation” – and that’s what I needed. Nomads Moorings Resort was one of the few places available – probably because it hadn’t officially opened yet. All I wanted was a shared (dorm) room because I was travelling on a budget (that blew way out). So I arrived at this place (about $25 a night) and the manager told me I was their first guest EVER. So I asked if there was any perks that went along with that (me, travelling on a budget AND looking for all the freebies I could get) and he upgraded me to a queen room. Absolute luxury. Except that they didn’t have the hot water connected yet (but I was in the tropics – who needs hot showers??). My room opened out onto this stunning infinity pool and as their first guest, I was treated like a queen. This place is definitely recommended! And a tip: if you go there, nobody knows it as Nomads or Moorings – just say it’s where Trader Vic’s used to be!!

Swimming in Matevulu Blue Hole, Espiritu Santo
Swimming in Matevulu Blue Hole, Espiritu Santo
Originally uploaded by Purple Giraffe.

And here is a picture of a friend and I swimming in the blue hole. The water was icy – but lovely. The fish were tiny and brightly coloured and fascinating to watch. I swam here the day after I had been scuba diving. I had a cold then and anyone who knows anything about diving, knows that you can’t dive with a cold (you can’t equalise and the pressure in your ears and sinuses can be excruciating and dangerous). I managed the dives without TOO much trouble and was happy about that. But didn’t think of my cold issues when I had my snorkel gear on and did a duck dive in the blue water here. I got down to about 7 metres and decided to come back up – and got a reverse block. This is when the air in your air passages is expanding as you’re surfacing because there is less pressure. Usually the air just escapes normally, but with a reverse block, the air is trapped because you’re all stuffed up with a cold. When you’re diving, you can stay at depth until you can remove the block. When you’re snorkelling you can’t do that. So I surfaced. The pain and vertigo were incredible. You know what it feels like to have water in your ear after swimming? Well, this felt like I had the whole swimming pool in my ear. After a few minutes the air worked it’s way out and I was fine. And thankfully, the next two flights I took were on a tiny plane that didn’t gain too much altitude – so my ears didn’t hurt too badly. Anyway, I don’t know if you wanted to read about my stupidity while swimming in such a lovely place, but there it is. Hope that answered your question, Val.


4 thoughts on “In answer to Val’s comment

  1. Well, I started out reading your post thinking, wow, how lucky you were getting an upgrade in the accommodation, swimming in the blue hole, etc., but the description of your experience with that reverse block – too horrible!

    Still, the good memories will be the ones that stay, and you’ll come to laugh at your momentary lapse in concentration.

  2. Goodness, that reverse block sounds like a scary and painful experience. I’m so glad you came out of it OK.
    You really made out with those accomodations. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing to be a bit unorganized! Your pictures are beautiful. It looks like paradise.
    Say hi to your mum and dad for me and enjoy yourselves! Soak up some sunshine for us as we freeze here in the US!
    Glad you had such a fantastic vacation.

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