The Volcano!

My foot and Mt Yasur, Tanna, Vanuatu

My foot is here to give you an idea of how far I was from the action. During the day, the volcano appears to be all talk and very little action. But come night, you get to see the true power of Yasur.

Mt Yasur, Tanna, Vanuatu

Yes, this shot is taken from the same place as the previous shot. I put the camera on a tripod to get the effect. This was taken an hour or two after the other shot. Pretty special, no?

The volcano has four ratings: 1 is relatively minor and you can stand on the rim with little chance of being in any danger; 2 is a little more dangerous and you need to stand a little further back; 3 is more dangerous again, and you can’t stand on the rim; 4 is the highest rating – you’d be unwise to go near the mountain. Having said that, there was no barrier to stop anyone from getting too close/falling in. Currently, the volcano is just above level 2.


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