Greetings from Port Vila

I’ve been in Vanuatu for exactly a week now.  In that time I’ve trekked around Port Vila (the capital, and if you were to see the roads, you’d consider it a trek, too), stayed at a resort that wasn’t officially open yet so, as their first ever paying customer, I got upgraded from a 6-bed dorm to a private queen room with ensuite opening out onto the infinity pool and just a few feet from the ocean.  I also got a Tusker (Vanuatu’s national beer, and one of the best beers around) from the owner on my birthday.  I’ve also been to Tanna – an island with the most accessible active volcano in the world – once you’ve actually got to the island which can take forever, over the hill in the middle of the island and up to the rim of the volcano.  And let me tell everyone to hold their complaints about bad roads until they have been to Tanna.  There is a reason why every vehicle on the island is a relatively new 4WD – they need them, and they get so trashed they only last about five years.  Seriously, you need to be in 4WD mode on the main road on this island.  Such fun.  Anyway, the volcano was spectacular, and once I’m home I’ll post pictures.

What else has happened?  I dived a “blue rockpool” with some local people and helped them harvest their seaweed that they eat – I tried it, it tasted alright.  I strolled into the capital of Tanna – a three shop town with only one kava bar (the other was knocked down a few days before in a riot).  I’ve eaten mangoes straight off the tree – some local kids were knocking them down by throwing coconuts at them, and they offered me a couple.  And then…

After taking the most fabulous pictures, the crappy eBay bought, FAKE memory card (I’m still in a dispute with the seller) got corrupted and I lost everything.  Yes, everything.  Thankfully this happened on the way to the volcano so I still got the speccy shots on a good memory card.  I had gone to a traditional singing/dancing evening on Friday night (a John Frum Cargo Cult – will explain all later if I remember) and took heaps of pictures – all lost.  All Port Vila  pictures – lost.  All super shots of beautiful local children – gone forever.  Luckily I ran into some people in the airport just now that I recognised from the John Frum dancing, so have asked if they would be able to email any decent pictures they took.  Losing all those pictures also means I’ll have to wander around Port Vila again… tough life.  To make matters worse after I lost all those pictures, my battery charger exploded!  So 8000VT later (yeah, about $AUD90!!) I have a new charger so I can still take pictures.  But there ends the woe.

I’m now waiting for the plane to take me to Espiritu Santo, where I will dive a big wreck, sit on the most beautiful beach around, and swim in a blue hole!!  The stopover in Port Vila is five hours!!  So I’m off to the market for some lunch.

Will post again when I can be bothered – I’m just having too much fun to update you all regularly.  Wish I could say I was missing everyone’s blogs – I’ll have a lot of catching up to do when I get back!!

Happy birthday Dad!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Greetings from Port Vila

  1. Tanya, so sorry you got dudded with that memory card. But you have looked on the bright side and will value the volcano photos all the more. Can’t wait until you post them.

    Your mother and I got together on Thursday at the State Library in Melbourne, we didn’t stop talking for 3 hours!

    Happy Birthday!


  2. It’s interesting to read about your adventures so far. Glad you’ve had lots of good things happen to counteract the bad. That’s awful about the memory card. I can imagine the disappointment you felt. nevertheless, sounds like you’re having fun. Looking forward to seeing your photos and hearing more. Happy belated birthday!

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