The crazy Cyclone Odette

All is good here still – as long as Odette doesn’t stop planes leaving from Townsville at 6:05 on Monday morning…
And looking at this threat map, who knows what she is doing!!




6 thoughts on “The crazy Cyclone Odette

  1. Mother, don’t worry. Odette doesn’t know what she’s doing and according to the Bureau Of Meterorology, she’s moving south (ish).

    And I will do anything to get on that plane!!

    Only 22 hours to go……………..

  2. It’s now 7.20am here (6.20am your time) so I hope you are UP, UP AND AWAY!

    Have a fantastic holiday, dear Tanya. Enjoy every minute of it, and then share it with us when we visit you next month.

    Love always – Mum.

  3. You must be off on your trip by now and I hope that you are enjoying every minute of it. I can’t wait to see your fantastic pictures and to hear about your adventures.

    You are so adventurous.

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