The rain (and wind) so far…

…Has waterlogged the back yard so much that the roots of my chilli plant didn’t hold and it fell over. The chilli plant of which I was so proud because it was so big and was self sewn and the ants, birds and I all shared in the bounty.
…Has snapped a tall plant (don’t ask me what sort, but it was big and I liked it) at the base.
…Has caused the weeds to flourish.
…Has driven the ants and geckoes inside, so I have to cope with all their shit. Literally.
…Has made the mosquitoes very happy. And numerous.
…Same goes for the sandflies.
…Has made the cane toads horny and now there are tadpoles and toadlets everywhere. And in a few weeks there will be more cane toads (quite possibly THE most repulsive creature to walk/hop the earth) than I can ever imagine.
…Has made everything in the house damp.
…Has created such massive holes in the road that driving, if not dangerous, is a freaking pain in the ass.
…Has forced the cancellation of my touch football game three weeks in a row.

And now we’re on “cyclone watch.”

I’m not completely sick of it yet, but would anyone like to share in some rain??


5 thoughts on “The rain (and wind) so far…

  1. That’s such a welcoming picture you paint of your home at the moment….lol. Will it improve by mid-April? I don’t fancy sharing my bed with mosquitoes, geckoes, cane toads (or toadlets …. is that what they are really called?) or any other creatures that should normally be outside.

  2. Thanks for the offer, but we have enough here. And I think I’m glad we don’t have those toads. How about a photo of them. We all like a gross out every now and then.

  3. That’s a lot of rain! “A land of droughts and flooding rains”…that’s Oz alright!
    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have everything in moderation?
    And the cane toads and mosquitoes not at all!!!
    Glad you enjoyed the snow pics. We’re getting a bit more tonight. It’s nice stuff when one doesn’t have to drive in it.

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