I’m still not sure if it’s safe to say that the wet season has started.  I’m worried that if I do, the rain will stop.  The council, in their infinite (!) wisdom, seem to think that we’re doing alright for water – we’re free from water restrictions.  Idiots.  I think water restrictions should be a permanent thing across Australia, since we use water so irresponsibly most of the time.  It also amazes me that it is only during this type of downpour that anyone puts any thought into our roads.  A town south of here is completely cut off and only accessible by boat.  So is Airlie Beach (Whitsundays).  And Ingham (to the north).  And one of the reasons they are cut off is because the Bruce Highway, part of Highway 1 – the National Highway – floods every time it rains for a few hours.  Makes you think, it’s a good thing our tax dollars go towards such vitally important things as new football stadiums in Brisbane…

Anyway, the past few days have seen rain pretty much without let up.  It stopped for a few hours last night, but came back with a vengeance today.  I am loving it!!

I took a few photos before, but they were embarrassingly bad, so I’ll try to venture out (as far as the roads will let me) tomorrow and get some shots.


One thought on “Water

  1. Hi Tanya,
    I’ve been watching the rain up your way, and wondered how you were faring. I remember the floods and the closed highways. My mother always used to say, tongue in cheek ‘Why do they build all the bridges UNDER water?’ – and it seems like things havent changed.

    Enjoyed your story of Australia Day ..thanks

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