Happy Australia Day

Australia Day was rained out once again – seems to be a Townsville tradition. But it was a good day all the same. The highlight of my Australia Day was a free Paul Kelly concert at the entertainment centre.

Paul Kelly magic
Paul Kelly magic

This is the second time I’ve seen a show of his and was just as blown away as the first time. Although, he did sing a song about Shane Warne, which was pretty catchy, but, well, it was about Shane Warne. The place was full, but there was plenty of room up front to have a dance. I took a few pictures – without flash, so they didn’t come out so well.

After the show
After the show

The day also involved several glasses of wine, a bite to eat, and ending up home in bed by 9:00 pm. Which was good (we started the beverage consumption pretty early. I’m surprised to say that I felt fine this morning (because I really shouldn’t have), but have enjoyed a lazy day of trying to organise what on earth I am going to do once I’m in Vanuatu. Because the trip is only 37 days away. Holy hell, that’s soon. I’ve booked a doctors appointment to make sure I get all the shots I need as well as the dreaded malaria drugs (which, if my experience in Africa is anything to go by, I’ll stop taking because they will make me revoltingly ill and I’d rather take the the chance with malaria). I’ve bought another memory card for my camera and may get yet another so that I’ll have over 5GB of memory space for all the pictures I’ll be taking. I hope that will be enough…


This picture was taken towards the end of Australia Day – while waiting for a taxi. It’s of a friend putting on an impromptu performance for the camera. The long exposure has made her somewhat ghost-like, and that’s what I love about this picture.

8 thoughts on “Happy Australia Day

  1. We had a bit of rain here yesterday – not anywhere near enough. However I had 5 children here all dancing and singing “Yippee It is raining!!” . My friend and I were just smelling the best smell ever of rain on a hot day!! Shame these moments happen so seldom now.

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