More sewing

New top
New top
New top
New top
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I finished more clothing. My first attempt at gathering (the front, back and sleeves). Nikkishell made this and I just had to have a go myself (especially when Spotlight is having 50% off all patterns for all of January). I think that if I make this again, it will be slightly longer, and maybe made with thinner fabric. And I really should iron this sometime. But it is so comfortable, and I can see myself lazing around the house in this, or wearing it to work – and making a few more to take to Vanuatu in March. I just went to the market to show this off (and to buy food) – but nobody said I look fabulous. Nor did they point and laugh, so that’s also a good thing. I bought another pattern yesterday, and some dusty pink, light fabric for a long-sleeved top. I particularly had Vanuatu in mind when I chose that. I may make that one up this afternoon…


8 thoughts on “More sewing

  1. There’s no stopping you now, is there Tanya? For a late starter, you are really making up for lost time. Just think what you could accomplish if you lived another 200 years ….lol.

    Top looks great (even better ironed .. ha,ha)

  2. Thanks for coming by the funny bone, have not been on the pc much at the moment and am trying to catch up but will pop by again soon, nice top too lol.

  3. I love the top, it looks great on you. I also like the dress below. You are handy with a needle and thread. I have been trying to catch up on every one I see you have some great nature photos below. Keep sewing, clicking and enjoy life!

  4. Love the design and fabric. Also the color of the dress in your other post is yummy looking.

    How about that Shelly, cheeky thing, isn’t she?

    I haven’t forgotten about the promised fabric book instructions, just haven’t done it yet!

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