Christmas snaps

A few shots from the camping trip. More can be found on Flickr.


Frog (moments before death by kookaburra)

Kairi Creek

Duck – Lake Barrine

Flower – Lake Barrine

Flowers – Lake Tinaroo


6 thoughts on “Christmas snaps

  1. More fabulous photos! You’re in my old stomping grounds. I went to high school in Mareeba, and my friends and I used to go up the Tablelands whenever we could 🙂


  2. Fantastic photos. I love the kookaburra – even if it did eat the frog! – and the duck. The flowers, too, are beautiful.

    You certainly chose a wonderful place to celebrate Chritstmas.

  3. Oh the poor unfortunate little frog! At least he’s been immortalized digitally for posterity. I love seeing your wonderful photos! Looks like an idyllic place to camp. Glad you had such a great time.
    Happy New Year dear Tanya! Hope it’s a wonderful year for you, filled with exiting happenings. xox

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