Remember this?

Quilt 1

Quilt 2

Quilt 3

Amanda asked if I would mind sharing this quilt pattern.  My ego heart swelled with pride as I told her that, of course, I’d be willing to share.  How could I not?  It’s not my pattern and I can’t really claim ownership of it.  The pattern came from Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine – Vol 12 No 10.  I’ve scanned the article into PDF* format and, though it’s only black and white and of fairly poor quality, if anyone else would like a copy, email me and I will email it to you.

 An aside: I’m not sure if you can notice in the last picture how bare my house is.  The picture was taken not long after I had moved in.  There was the quilt lying on a couple of mattresses (my couch) and behind that was a dodgy chest of drawers that a friend was taking to the rubbish tip.  The blue rug on the floor rounded out the entire contents of my living room at the time. 

And now I can’t move for garage sale (and eBay) bargains.

*I don’t know if I was allowed to distribute this (copyright laws and all…) – but I’m just sharing the love…

Uploaded by Purple Giraffe.


3 thoughts on “Remember this?

  1. This is so beautiful, and my favourite colours. I tried quilting once, and I just dont have the patience or the attention to detail to accomplish it. I should have. I have it in other quarters. So I leave it to the masters, and sit back and admire longingly. *sigh*

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