A post in which I overuse the hyperlinks

Can you believe I have not left the country this century?  For someone who spent most of the ’90s bumming around the world, this has almost been a prison sentence.  I’ve had the most glorious excuses:  I was at uni; I was busy teaching people how to scuba dive; I was broke; I got a job; I bought a car; America was attacked by terrorists; Bali was attacked by terrorists; twice; London was attacked by terrorists (you get the picture here); a tsunami struck the place I most desperately wanted to visit…. The list of excuses was endless.  But I still got the weekly deals from Flight Centre, Jetstar, Virgin Blue, etc. emailed to me so I could see what I was missing.  I saw flights to Bali for $400 and, for no good reason, hit the delete key without a second thought.  Fiji was only $500… but I had already been there so deleted that email.  I saw specials to Japan – not on top of my list of destinations to visit (but still on the list somewhere) so I deleted that one too.  Then I asked myself what the hell was I doing?  So when Virgin Blue started raving about flights to the South Pacific for $235 (one way) at the same time that MORE emails arrived from managment asking how I’m going to address my excessive leave situation, I thought, “dammit, I’m outta here!!”  So a little bit of money later, and in 90 days time, I’ll be winging my way to Vanuatu for three weeks.  I’ll be hiking active volcanoes and diving what is, I am told, the best wreck in the world (the SS President Coolidge).  I’ll take my own snorkelling gear with me so I can visit the pristine waters at my leisure.  Yes, I know it will be the off-season (monsoon), but that should just mean there are fewer tourists willing to put up with a lot of rain and the possibility of a cyclone (which is no different to if I were to stay in Townsville for the wet season, anyway). 

Of course, when I return from this adventure, you’ll all want to see many wonderful pictures, which is why I’m looking for a new camera before I go.  eBay have the best deals, but they’re still going to hurt when I finally fork over the money.  But it will be so well worth it. 

So.  Anyone been there?  Any places I must visit?  Anything I should know?  I’m all ears…

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