Something special in the middle of the city…

For the past few days I’ve noticed these fledglings in a nest in a tree by one of the busiest roads in the city.  I wanted to photograph them before they fledged.  Mama wasn’t too happy with me paying attention to them (I don’t know that anyone else in Townsville has noticed them at all) so I only stayed a few minutes.





Edited to add: I’ve just notice that I screwed up when loading these from Flickr.  Clicking on the numbers below each picture will take you to a larger image (then if you click on “all sizes” followed by “large”, you can see the chicks in all their – sometimes eerie – glory). 


6 thoughts on “Something special in the middle of the city…

  1. Great photos, Tanya, although I can’t tell exactly what sort of bird it is. Do you know? It’s interesting to see the nest and how it’s made in the larger photos. I’d love to see them actually building it, but I guess that’s not going to happen.

    I wonder how many others have noticed them? Like you say, probably not many.

  2. Very neat! Mocking birds here, would not let you get that close to the tree much less the babies. They would be dive bombing your head pulling your hair and trying to get at your shinning eyes. Yes the mean it and are one of the meanest birds that I know of. Beware, beware of the blue, black and white bird og the south- caKall caKall.

  3. Great pictures of the baby birds Tanya and it’s good that you didn’t draw too much attention while taking the pictures, but it looks like they’ll be leaving the nest soon anyway.

    You are such a good photographer and take such interesting pictures.

  4. Hi Tanya,
    Thank you again for taking us with you on your trip – lovely – I can’t imagine the combination of heat and alcohol and sore feet, no, that’s not true – I CAN!

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