Intertwined. Cape Tribulation

Originally uploaded by Purple Giraffe.

Not much to say. Had a quiet weekend – slept lots (okay, so Friday night was kind of a big one!!), shopped (at the local markets for fruit and vegies for the week), had brunch with friends, washed the filth from the big trip from the car, quilted and watched Arrested Development on DVD.

A good weekend, really.


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  1. Weekends of just lazing about and doing little are good for you. It’s good to recharge your ‘batteries’ and just chill out for a couple of days.

  2. Absolutely beautiful Flickr pictures, too. I love ‘tagging along’ to fascinating places I wish I’d discovered at a much younger age. Thanks for sharing them

  3. I can’t believe I’ve found your blog (via shells and beans) on the same day I posted about fiddling about with WordPress and thinking about transferring my blogger blog over here!! I must check your earlier posts to see if you talk about the transfer – and if you have any thoughts about it please share!!

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