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I was sent to Brisbane for work this week. I didn’t get to see too much – I WAS there for work, after all. Though I managed to fit in a couple of hours shopping and bought heaps of books (all at ridiculously low prices), canvases (very small – they all fit in my luggage), and SHOES! Well, I only ended up getting one pair, but I tried on hundreds.

I had a long post planned, but I don’t have that much to say (need I say again that I was working most of the time I was there?). It would have been nice to spend the weekend there, but there were issues with doing that, so I decided to come home when the meetings were done.

This picture above looks like something you’d find in Europe, rather than in the centre of Brisbane. I thought it was cute. And the bottom picture is of (what I think is) the old parliament building.  There are a few more pictures on Flickr.

Old Parliament House, Brisbane

Originally uploaded by Purple Giraffe.


6 thoughts on “Work!

  1. Lovely photos! How cool you were right here near me. I’d be delighted to meet you for a cuppa next time you’re in town!


  2. Emma, I thought about you while I was here too. Kept thinking I could be driving past your home right now and just not know (if you live between the city and the airport, of course, that’s all I got to see). Will definately let you know when next I am down.

  3. Brisbane is a fun city…it’s a pity you weren’t able to spend the weekend there and just cruise about. I lived in ‘BrisVegas’ for fourteen years…many years ago now…of course, I’ve visited it many times since. Haven’t been there since September, ’05, though…went to the wedding of the daughter of a good friend. The wedding ceremony was held on the banks of the Brisbane River at Newstead Park…where we mingled before and after the ceremony sipping on champers and wine…then at 4.30pm, the wedding party and guests boarded one of the riverboats. It was the night of “Riverfire”…so the boat anchored up river between the Story Bridge and Victoria Bridge where the party commenced! Talk about fireworks on the wedding night…literally! 😉

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