Sunday drive

Double Creek
Originally uploaded by Purple Giraffe.
This morning I went out early and drove around for a while. Saw SO MANY different things. I started out at the Cromarty Wetlands, which I had detoured to during the week. After taking my car down a couple of dead ends (and testing how far a 2WD car can go off road without actually running into trouble) I saw smoke in the distance which could only mean another cane fire. So I headed that way but saw a derailed cane train. Derailed big time. 300 metres of train with about 50 metres of carriages off the track. And about 10 canegrowers/mill workers standing around scratching their heads. It looked pretty amusing (to me) – at least the carriages were empty. Later I saw a carriage that had tipped over elsewhere – and that WAS full of cane. But it was only one carriage. Anyway. I missed the cane fire but saw sunflower fields and rivers and creeks and beaches and flowers and on and on and on. But I was back home by lunchtime, in order to catch up on the sleep I missed by leaving home so early. By early, I mean before 7:00 am. On a Sunday. When everyone else was sleeping. I wanted to leave at sunrise, but it was Sunday. Anyway, there are heaps of pictures over at Flickr – go over and take a look because some of them are good.


6 thoughts on “Sunday drive

  1. Gorgeous NQ day! Your pictures are beautiful. We had a very quiet Sunday, drove as far as Hungry Jack’s. I don’t blog about takeaway, though 😉

  2. I looked at your flickr pictures and they are GREAT and so BEAUTIFUL. You are really good with that camera Tanya, but of course you had some fantastic scenery to shoot at…of course I have fantastic scenery too, but my pictures aren’t half as good as yours. You just have a natural talent.

  3. Gee I love your pictures, your really good. I especially like the one with the flower and the weird bug. I came over from Pea’s blog, when I read that ya’ll didn’t celebrate Halloween I wanted to see where you were from. Come to the States and celebrate with us, we will show you a spooky good time.

    I like what you say about the environment, my hubby works from home (telecommutes) for IBM so we are doing our part. I’m a housewife so don’t go out a whole lot. Great blog.

  4. I haven’t had much time for visiting lately. I’ll pop over and see your Flickr photos when I have time. These are great. I especially love the sunflower. Aren’t they photogenic? And the Double Creek pic is gorgeous. They all are.
    Sounds like you had fun. Early morning is a lovely time of day.
    Thanks for visiting. It’s always good to ‘see’ you 🙂

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