The baby quilt

The basted quilt

Originally uploaded by Purple Giraffe.

You know how I said I was going to help a friend make a baby quilt? This is it. Isn’t it gorgeous? The back of it is plain blue, like in the squares and it will have a purple binding. It’s taken Britt no time to get to this stage, and all I have done is give directions and help to baste the quilt. I then quilted a block for her tonight. This will prove to be one of the fastest made quilts of all time. Which is ironic, as Britt’s first quilt – which I also helped her with – is still in progress, about a year on. We have a rule when quilting – it cannot be done without a glass of wine or two to accompany the sewing. It seems to make it so much easier, I guarantee!


3 thoughts on “The baby quilt

  1. Congratulations to Britt (and you) on such a wonderful effort. The quilt is just beautiful. Won’t be long and you two will be competing with your quilt-making.

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