A little jaunt…

Toolakea Beach

Originally uploaded by Purple Giraffe.

…to the beach yesterday. I was on my way to a garage sale and stopped at the beach on the way. It was a horrible windy, rainy day (which I actually loved – appreciating the last of the cool weather before the horror of the tropical summer), but calm and relaxing on the beach. I shared the entire beach with one fisherman and lots of dog crap. Hopefully cleaning up after your dog will catch on in Toolakea sometime soon…


5 thoughts on “A little jaunt…

  1. I spent a couple of weeks at a beach north of Townsville….this was after I’d left living in Townsville…and for the life of me, I can’t remember the name of the beach area! It’ll probably hit me like a thunderbolt at midnight or some early hour of the morning!

    You could walk for miles along the beach and not see another soul…or dog crap. There was a little shop/cafe which had a liquor licence, I think on the banks of a creek leading out to the ocean. God! This is really annoying me now! lol I’ve got a couple of photos somewhere…boy! Now I’ll be racking my brain all afternoon! The creek actually runs from the highway and further afield…there’s a hotel on the highway nearby to the creek. I was having a drink there one day and a young Japanese guy popped in for some water. He was on a bike! I asked him where he was headed to and he said ‘Cairns’! lol It was odd to see one, sole Japanese tourist travelling by himself, let alone by bicycle! I’ve often wondered if he made it! 😉

  2. You’re not thinking of Bushland Beach, are you? Or Saunders Beach? They are both between Toolakea and Townsville.

    I wonder about the sanity of that Japanese tourist – I had planned to cycle to Cairns once, but came to my senses before I began the trip 🙂

  3. Any part between the pie van at Cardwell and the Cardwell pub would sort me out! 😉

    No…it was neither of them, Tanya. If I have time, I’ll dig about and see if I can find my maps of Qld and other memorabilia that might trigger my memory.

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