My blogging drought is officially over, I guess…

I think I must be making up for the recent blogging drought.

The first picture is of a flower I saw near the beach today.

The second and third pictures are two of the plants I bought at a garage sale yesterday – aloe vera and a pineapple plant (I don’t expect it to fruit, though).

And the last two pictures are my Jackson Pollock-inspired (though about 1/100th of the size) latest artwork. My legs and arms are covered in paint and I will remember next time to do this kind of painting outside instead of on the carpet. Just kidding, it was done by the river.


4 thoughts on “My blogging drought is officially over, I guess…

  1. Goodness me, the floodgates have opened, haven’t they. Your aloe vera looks much healthier than mine; pineapple looks good too.

    As for your ‘Blue Poles’ lookalikes – I hope they will worth as much as the original in a few years – reputed to be $54m at the moment. Not a bad return on an investment of $1.3m.

  2. Hey Tanya, love the pictures!! Especially your Jackon Pollack look alikes. That would be a great fabric to buy!!

    And whoooohooo on the new “do”’s a good look for you..*VBS* Thanks for sharing..Hugs, Finn

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