My current pride and joy

Okay, just to attempt to hide the picture of myself in the previous post (oh, I am modest and shy) without actually deleting it, I’m posting a picture of the toy of the moment. It’s the new washing machine (quite obviously). I just love it. It has flashing lights and it beeps when it’s done. So I know it’s finished washing but it doesn’t have the buzzer of old machines that used to scare the crap out of me. Yes, I know, small things and all that…..

And I can’t post a picture of that without posting a picture of this – the old washing machine. It’s still sitting in the living room waiting for the son of a friend to come and buy it for a bargain, take it away, fix it, and sell it for as much as I paid for the new machine… Problem is, I don’t know this guy and his phone is always engaged so I can’t get hold of him and I want this old machine OUT of my house very soon.

Other news: I just went garage sale-ing again and bought six plants and fifteen books for ten dollars. And a straightening iron for twenty dollars (not from a garage sale). And petrol for an insane price, before it becomes more insane later this week due to oil company profiteering (don’t tell me it’s not, unless you can explain how the North Korea missile issue should affect how much I pay for petrol in regional Australia). And I forgot to buy orange juice.


4 thoughts on “My current pride and joy

  1. And a very fine piece of whitegoods it looks to me too. Glad you have a new reliable machine. If that guy doesn’t come and take the old one soon, there are no doubt people in Townsville who will remove it free of charge so they can strip it for the metal. Better than taking it to the tip – which you can’t anyway.

  2. Wow, how thick is the manual that came with this thing? Or did it come with the manual on a CD that you have to read on a computer? I find that modern machines have ‘way too many options, most of which I never use. This certainly has been true of my current washing machine and dishwasher (and the latter, a high end model, doesn’t even do as good a job as the old one, which unfortunately got drowned in the flood a couple of years ago).

    I see you haven’t taken up my suggestion of putting a table cloth over the old one. Missing out on a chic interior design moment there! Yeah, putting it out on the nature strip would see it gone within 24 hours.

    Hee hee, love Shelly’s altruistic suggestion for testing out your new machine.

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