weekend project

I say that this project took a weekend, but really – I bought this coffee table from a garage sale ($5) about two months ago! I didn’t take a “before” picture (imagine a two year old went to town with purple paint and something else (!!) under those tiles), so here are the “in-between” and “after” shots. With Hello being what it is, the pictures loaded up in reverse order (no, it was NOT my fault…!!). I sanded, repainted, varnished, and finally finished tiling it today. And now I don’t much like the colours….


7 thoughts on “weekend project

  1. So when are you going to start your new career – furniture restoration? Your table looks fantastic. You really have talent – first it was patchwork quilts and now it’s patchwork coffee tables.

    I really like it. Very clever, darling.

  2. That is very clever. I did a tile table like that years ago. It was lots of fun. The colours went out of style and I got rid of it. Darn. I think it might be back in fashion now.

  3. I love these colors you’ve put together! What a great job you’ve done! You should be very pleased with it. So stop second guessing yourself and just enjoy your creation!! Clever girl!

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